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2.9 BiTurbo 510hp V6 Engine COMPLETE - Alfa Romeo Giulia Stelvio 2016-


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Complete engines with wiring loom, ancillaries, throttle bodies and turbos.

These were running, low mileage units taken out of Giulia Quadrifoglio’s, due to discovering metal flakes during routine oil changes at a local dealership. Rather than strip and repair, FCA decided on replacing them completely with new engine units. Mechanics suspected turbos but we have no proof of this. We have ended up with 2 complete engines for parts or sale direct from a dealership. These are low price due to needing further investigation in finding the exact fault. The metal flakes were small and did not cause issues during running, but could do later in life. We offer no warranty or guarantee as these are sold as needing refurbishment.

Gearbox is not included, but we are very sure these could be repaired for a fraction of the cost and fitted without issue! Or used for other ways to get 510hp out of anything that isn’t Italian 😉

Price is £1200 including UK pallet shipping per engine. If you require both units, please contact us for a combined deal. Pallet shipping is to most of the UK mainland only, some remote areas of Wales, Scotland and South east England may incur a surcharge.

International shipping is available upon request. Please use the contact link to send through your address and details we may need for exporting.


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